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General Information

The USI Juried Student Art Exhibition is an annual presentation of selected student art works. The works are chosen by an expert in the field of art, selected by the Art faculty for his/her expertise and understanding of undergraduate art works. An independent juror is brought in to assure objective selection of art works and awards, and to provide an educational experience for students in preparation for professional careers in art. Juried exhibitions are standard procedure in group art shows at universities, museums, and art associations. The juror will make a brief written statement on his/her method of jurying, and the work chosen to be in the exhibition. The juror will also give a public lecture, and will be asked to include comments on the exhibition at that time.


Area companies and private individuals generously provide funds for awards presented at the Juried Student Art Exhibition. Awards are given in the form of Merit Awards, Purchase Awards, Scholarships and certificates for art supplies. Awards are given for the quality of student artwork, and are awarded at the discretion of the juror. Merit award, scholarships, and certificate winners retain possession of their work. Scholarships are based on the overall merit of the student’s work and are applicable to USI only. Purchase awards become part of the USI Art collection. Degree students (Level V) will only be eligible for the Degreed Student Award.

Eligibility for Entry

The USI Juried Art Exhibition is open to all students who are enrolled at USI for the current semester. The artwork entered must have been completed during the one-year period between the previous USI Art Exhibition and this year's exhibit. All artwork submitted for jurying must be the student's original artwork. Copies of other artists' work are not acceptable. Consult a faculty member if in doubt.

Entry Regulations

Each student may enter 3 works in any combination of media. A "series" must be approved by a faculty member before being accepted for entry. 2-dimensional work must be framed, or matted stiffly and protected with acetate of Plexiglas. Neutral colored mats are preferred. Wet artworks will not be accepted. All 2-dimensional work must be ready to hang with special hooks--see an Art faculty member for instructions. 3-dimensional work must allow handling without special equipment. Pieces requiring special assembly or having a gross weight of over 150 lbs. must be cleared with the USI Art Faculty before being juried. The USI Art Faculty retains the right to remove any work deemed not original or that does not meet the above specifications.


USI, the Art faculty, and the student workers will take due care and caution against damage and theft while work is juried, and during the exhibition. However, the above parties cannot assume financial responsibility for any damage or loss.